Sanieren einer Bestandsimmobilie

Lohnt sich die Sanierung eines Hauses überhaupt noch,

oder ist der Abriss mit nachfolgendem Neubau ...


Sie wollen sich Ihren Traum vom

Neubau-Eigenheim verwirklichen?


Wir planen Ihre Immobilie komplett durch – von den

ersten Skizzen und Ideen bis zum fertig gestelltem ...

Sorglos Bauen GmbH

For many years, we have been your reliable partner from the Hunsrück to the Rhine-Main region and beyond, carrying out demolition work, building decoration, gutting, clearing out and building renovation in a highly professional manner. The move towards becoming a construction company that provides a complete service was a sensible addition to our multi-faceted activities, particularly in the area of building renovation.

Renovation of an existing property

Is it worth renovating a house at all, or is demolition followed by a new build the cheaper and even quicker option? A renovation carried out piece by piece turns a house into a permanent construction site for months or even years. The actual cost estimate is more difficult because new "construction sites" can open up in the course of the work.

Below we have summarized some important points of a renovation in brief, the list could be extended further. We work our way from the cellar to the roof.

  • Is your cellar flooded after a storm? We know how to dry and seal, effectively remove mold and prevent it from forming again.
  • Do you want new tiles? Whether in the cellar, in the sanitary areas, in the kitchen or in the living area - we know the experts, but are also happy to leave the field to you. Because with good materials and an understanding of the material, experienced hobby craftsmen can make rapid progress.
  • Old wooden staircases in particular exude a lot of charm and are worth preserving. Filtering out the weak points here is a matter for experts, for example experienced master carpenters.
  • Replace windows and doors - "let the sun shine in" and save energy. Enlarge glass fronts, provide more light and make your house airtight. Not least as protection against burglars.
  • Do you have roof damage? Is it worth renovating or is a complete renovation the cheaper option in the long run?
  • Keep warm in winter and cool in summer - we show you how.
  • Before all the insulation breaks: insulating properly saves money. Weather and climate-resistant cladding for facades.
  • Energy check for existing properties.
  • The most common defects in old buildings. Anyone thinking about buying an old building will have to deal with defects.

The most common defects in a ranking list are:
Exterior doors and windows Exterior walls Roof Foundations (timber) ceilings Technology such as heating, electrical systems, plumbing Interior walls and doors Stairs

Do you want to realize your dream of building your own home? Then you should turn to professional partners who offer all services from a single source. Carefree building.

After all, building your own home is an investment that you are highly unlikely to make a second time in your life. An investment that you may have to pay off over 20 or even 30 years. It forms an important pillar of your retirement provision. Everything has to fit together. Because there is no such thing as a second attempt. If you build carefree with Carefree Building, you are on the safe side.

If you wish, we can really take care of everything. We can even find the right plot in your favorite locations, or you can have already bought your dream land and leave everything else to us. We'll put together the right trades, manage the timing and control the costs.

From A for excavation of the building pit to Z for tiles, with which the roof
is covered. And if you want to work on individual "construction sites" yourself, such as the interior fittings, we will listen, provide advice and support and recalculate accordingly - and at a lower price for you.

All correspondence and e-mail contact with authorities, architects, engineers and tradesmen is recorded, documented and stored by us. As the client, we always keep you informed of the latest status. We celebrate the topping-out ceremony together with the partners and companies involved and hand over the keys to your dream home once all the requested and approved work has been completed. We also take pictures of all the construction work. Last but not least, we take care of everything around it - in the case of a detached building, the design of the garden.

Build carefree with us and benefit from our many years of experience.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Planning office

We plan your property from start to finish - from the initial sketches and ideas to the completed property and a
newly planted garden.

But our portfolio also includes the development and construction of apartment buildings, commercial properties and real estate with stores.

In residential construction, clients have very specific requirements when it comes to bathroom and kitchen design. The selection of tiles, fittings and washbasins in the sanitary area or comprehensive bathroom concepts as a wellness oasis are just as much a part of our planning as kitchen design. We fulfill your wishes for a kitchen with precise dimensions, short distances and sufficient storage space - here, too, we are at your disposal as planners with all our know-how or the experience of our partners.