Environmental protection during asbestos removal

Asbestosonce celebrated as a "miracle material", was used in many building materials due to its fireproof and insulating properties. Over time, however, it became clear that asbestos not only posed health risks, but also considerable Environmental impact has. This is why environmental protection Asbestos removal of crucial importance.


Why is environmental protection important in asbestos removal?

If released into the environment, asbestos fibers can contaminate water sources, soil and the air. This can not only pose a risk to human health, but can also affect wildlife and plant life.

How is environmental protection ensured during asbestos removal?

  1. Proper disposal: Materials containing asbestos must be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of in designated landfills.
  2. Air monitoring: During the renovation work, air samples are taken regularly to ensure that no asbestos fibers are released.
  3. Water protection: Care is taken to ensure that no asbestos fibers get into water sources.
  4. Staff training: The employees involved in the refurbishment receive special training in dealing with asbestos and the associated environmental impact.


Asbestos removal is not only a matter of health protection, but also of environmental protection. It is of the utmost importance that strict environmental protection measures are adhered to during the removal of asbestos-containing materials in order to protect the environment for future generations.

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