Procedure for a barrier-free bathroom

1. your reliable partner for barrier-free bathrooms

With we know that the conversion of your bathroom into a barrier-free oasis is an important decision. That's why we offer you a holistic and professional Accompaniment at every step of this project.

1.1 Individual planning and expert advice

Our team of experienced Experts is at your side right from the start. We offer you tailored advice for the redesign of your bathroom, tailored to your individual needs and those of your family. We attach great importance to planning a solution that perfectly combines functionality, safety and aesthetics.

1.2 Professional implementation and highest quality

The realization of your barrier-free bathroom is carried out by our trained specialist staff. We focus on the highest quality standards in execution and use only the best quality materials. Our aim is to create a bathroom that is barrier-free and at the same time a space of well-being and relaxation.

1.3 Support with subsidies and financing

Our team will actively help you to apply for subsidies and financial grants. We are familiar with the various funding programs and support you in securing the best possible financial support for your renovation project.

1.4 Future-oriented and sustainable solutions stands for sustainable and long-term solutions. We ensure that your new bathroom not only meets current requirements, but is also equipped for future needs.

1.5 Focus on customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are only satisfied when you are. That's why we offer support even after the project has been completed and are always available for further adjustments or queries.

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2. financing and support for the design of barrier-free bathrooms

Converting bathrooms into barrier-free rooms is an essential step towards improving the living situation for people with physical disabilities or in old age. Such adaptations not only increase comfort, but also safety and independence. But what financial outlay is involved and what assistance is available?

2.1 Investment in a barrier-free bathroom

The investment required to convert a bathroom into an accessible space depends on various factors. Simple measures such as installing support handles or a level-access shower can be realized with a lower budget, while a complete redesign of the bathroom can result in significantly higher costs. Decisive factors here are the size of the bathroom, necessary structural changes, the quality of the materials used and the labor costs.

2.2 Possibilities for financial support

There are numerous options for financial assistance with the realization of a barrier-free bathroom. People with disabilities or care needs can receive funding from various sources such as care insurance, health insurance, the social welfare office or through special funding programs. The care insurance fund, for example, offers support of up to 4,000 euros per measure. However, it is important to apply for funding before starting the conversion work.

2.3 Health insurance benefits for the conversion

If the conversion is necessary for health reasons, the health insurance company may cover the costs. This requires a medical certificate confirming that the conversion facilitates care at home or supports independent living.

2.4 KfW funding programs for barrier-free bathrooms

The KfW-Banking Group offers within the of their program "Age-appropriate remodeling" offers financial support in the form of grants or low-cost loans for the barrier-free conversion of bathrooms. These offers are available to both private owners and landlords.

2.5 Barrier-free vs. handicapped accessible

It is important to differentiate between the terms "barrier-free" and "accessible". While barrier-free facilities are generally accessible to all people, disabled-friendly adaptations are specially tailored to the needs of people with specific disabilities.

2.6 Dimensions of a barrier-free shower

For a barrier-free shower, a minimum size of 120 x 120 cm is recommended to ensure sufficient freedom of movement. Aspects such as a non-slip floor and the option of installing grab rails are also important.

2.7 State funding for barrier-free construction

The promotion of barrier-free construction is supported by various government programs supported. These offer financial assistance both for new buildings and for the adaptation of existing buildings.

2.8 Legal requirements for accessibility

In public buildings and new buildings, there are often legal requirements for accessibility. In private homes, on the other hand, there are usually no mandatory requirements, except in the case of new buildings or extensive renovations.

2.9 Features of an accessible bathroom

A barrier-free bathroom is characterized by features such as wide doors, threshold-free transitions, sufficient space for movement, support handles, wheelchair-accessible washbasins and level-access showers. These adaptations facilitate access and use for people with different physical abilities.

The conversion to a barrier-free bathroom is a decisive step towards improving the quality of living and enabling independent living. With the right information and financial assistance, this project can be successfully realized.