S.K. CarefreeBuilding: Perfection through to acceptance and handover in the construction industry

The conclusion of a Building project marks a significant milestone. It is the moment when all efforts, planning and implementation are put to the test. At S.K. SorglosBauen, we understand the importance of this step and ensure that the Acceptance and handover in the construction industry is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism.

  1. Final inspectionBefore official acceptance, we carry out a comprehensive final inspection. Every detail, from the electrics to the overall build quality, is carefully checked. This ensures that the building not only complies with the specified plans, but also meets all quality standards.
  2. List of defectsDespite all the precision, minor defects can still occur. At S.K. SorglosBauen, our aim is to identify these proactively. Our detailed list of defects documents all aspects that require rectification. With a clear action plan, we address and rectify these points to ensure that the handover goes smoothly.

SketchesFor transparent documentation of the completion process, we offer checklists and final photos of the project. These visual aids not only serve as proof of our work, but also as confirmation for our customers that every detail has been taken into account.


Vision in plan Approval plan Construction from start to finish
Preliminary plan Implementation plan Acceptance and handover
Draft plan Tendering and awarding Aftercare and service