S.K. CarefreeBuilding: Masterful execution planning for your dream

The Implementation planning with S.K. SorglosBauen is a central step in the Building processwhere your visions are transformed into technical plans. It is the moment when your dream of building begins to turn into a tangible reality.

1. detailed technical planning:
Each Building projectWhether large or small, every project requires careful detailed technical planning. At S.K. SorglosBauen, we use the latest technology and software to ensure that our plans are error-free and accurate at all times. We understand that the success of a project often lies in the details.

2. construction details and technical installations:
In addition to the general building structure, we place particular emphasis on the precise planning of construction details and technical installations. Our professional engineers and technicians work hand in hand to ensure that every detail is optimally planned and implemented.

Visual aids:
To give our customers and partners a clear idea of our planning, we provide detailed drawings and sketches. These visual aids are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also technically precise, so that they serve as a reliable guide for the construction phase.

S.K. SorglosBauen stands for excellence in every phase of the construction process. Our execution planning reflects our commitment to quality and precision. Trust us to turn your dream of building into reality.


Vision in plan Approval plan Construction from start to finish
Preliminary plan Implementation plan Acceptance and handover
Draft plan Tendering and awarding Aftercare and service