Preliminary planning in construction: The key to successful construction projects

The Preliminary planning in the construction industry is an indispensable step towards creating a Building project successful realization. It lays the foundation for all further planning and construction phases and ensures that the project is based on a solid foundation right from the start. Basis stands.

1. property selection:
Choosing the perfect plot of land is often the decisive factor for the success of a construction project. It's not just about finding an available plot of land, but the one in the best possible location. Aspects such as location, topography, accessibility and the surrounding infrastructure play a key role. A strategically selected plot can increase the value and efficiency of the entire project.

2. design planning of residential and commercial premises:
As soon as the plot has been determined, the design planning phase begins. Here, initial concepts for the room layout are developed, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics. The aim is to achieve a balanced plan that meets both residential and commercial requirements.

3. review of building rights and regulations:
Before construction begins, it is essential to check all relevant building laws and regulations. This ensures that the project meets all legal and regulatory requirements and avoids future obstacles.

Visual representations, whether hand-drawn sketches or detailed CAD drawings, are invaluable for preliminary planning. They provide a clear idea of the planned structure and room layout and are important for planners as well as investors and other stakeholders.

Careful and well thought-out preliminary planning is the key to the success of any construction project. It transforms visions into concrete plans and lays the foundation for an efficient and successful construction project.


Vision in plan Approval plan Construction from start to finish
Preliminary plan Implementation plan Acceptance and handover
Draft plan Tendering and awarding Aftercare and service