S.K. CarefreeBuilding: Excellent construction from start to finish

In the world of Building is the Construction the decisive stage in which Visions into reality. At S.K. SorglosBauen, we understand the importance of this process and are committed to ensuring that it runs smoothly and to the highest quality standards.

1. coordination: A successful construction project requires seamless coordination between all parties involved. Our project managers are constantly on site to monitor construction progress and ensure that everything is going according to plan. Through regular site visits and meetings with site managers, we can respond quickly to challenges and ensure that the project stays on schedule.

2. quality assurance: Quality is the top priority at S.K. SorglosBauen. Throughout the construction process, we continuously check that the work meets the specified plans and standards. Our quality inspectors work closely with the construction teams to ensure that every detail is implemented exactly as planned. This approach guarantees that our construction projects are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and safe.

Sketches: To give our customers an insight into the progress of the construction work, we produce regular construction progress reports. These reports, supplemented by photos of key phases of the project, provide a clear and transparent overview of the current status of the construction project.

In conclusion, S.K. SorglosBauen stands for integrity, professionalism and excellence in construction. With our experience and commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your project is in the best hands and will be realized exactly as you imagined.


Vision in plan Approval plan Construction from start to finish
Preliminary plan Implementation plan Acceptance and handover
Draft plan Tendering and awarding Aftercare and service